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Swedish Massage Therapy


This therapy is practiced by Gurcharan Singh

Massage is now a well known and much used, much loved therapy.

Swedish Massage Therapy uses four basic movements (called effleurage, frictioning, petrissage and tapotement) to manipulate the soft tissues of the body. Massage can range from being slow, gentle and light to create a supremely relaxed treatment to a faster, stronger and deeper treatment to rejuvenate, invigorate and tone the body. The treatment can be gentle and relaxing in one part of the body and deeper & stress or ache relieving in another. The opportunities are almost endless for creating a specific massage to suit every taste and requirement.

Swedish Massage is a staple of a wellness regime. It is part of staying relaxed and preempting possible injury if you are into sports & exercise; or you are a dancer; an athlete; a swimmer; a walker; or generally active person. It is also important if you are losing weight because it can help with body tone. It is an opportunity to regularly ‘switch off’ from day-to-day stresses and challenges in life. It can be an exquisite gift to oneself as a regular reward for achieving your goals. It is a simple and yet highly effective way of relieving muscular aches and pains. The list for the uses and benefits of Swedish Massage Therapy is a very long one!

Therapy sessions can be very focused 30 minute treatments; or a standard 1-hour full body session; or a leisurely, luxurious longer pampering of 90 minutes. The choice is yours.