The Health Pod

Gurcharan Singh


I am the owner and practice manager of The Health Pod.


My background is in Medical Sciences. I studied Biochemistry at the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne and did my Masters in Clinical Pharmacology at the University of Aberdeen. I greatly value my scientific background, since it fits in well with my curious and inquisitive mind. I am always looking for ways of doing things that are cleaner, more efficient, more effective – basically better and simpler!

One of the turning points in my life was studying Swedish Massage at the Grampian School of Massage and then subsequently Counselling at Aberdeen Counselling & Information Service (ACIS). There is an enormous power in the very simple acts of touch and listening. Both offer the opportunity for connecting at a deep level. Both allow working with a person as a whole which is the most important aspect of my work as a therapist. Another vital element of the work I do is that everything has mindful intentionality.

In essence, my work is Holistic and Intentional and is contained within the core conditions of Person Centred Counselling, namely, Empathy, Unconditional Positive Regard (acceptance) and congruence (honesty). This way of working brings with it the potential for deep and long lasting therapeutic benefits for my clients.

My Health Related Training:

BSc (Honours) Biochemistry

MSc Clinical Pharmacology

Diploma in Swedish Massage

Post Graduate Certificate in Counselling

Trained Co-Counsellor

Person Centred & Solution Focused Counsellor


Massage! My work is my passion. How lucky for me!!

I am a biker and have ridden since I was a teenager. My favourite trips have been extensive rides around many countries in mainland Europe, wild camping along the way.

I am a private pilot and love flying. Flying is a meditation for me. I have to be mindful and in the moment the whole time, especially when there is a high workload in the cockpit.

I trained for three years as a Luthier (stringed musical instrument maker) and have built a guitar and an instrument of my own design. Instrument making is therapy for me.

I like walking, reading, technology, singing. and playing Indian keyboard.

Life is full. Life is good.