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Body Whispering


This Therapy is practiced by Gurcharan Singh

Over the past twenty years, I have developed a pluralistic approach to my work, bringing in elements of different models of mind and body. A key observation many years ago was that during a body-based-therapy, there invariably came a time when a structured dialogue felt useful and appropriate. Similarly, during talking therapies, there was often a compelling reason for body work. I have developed an integrated therapy that brings massage and dialogue into one structured session to facilitate therapeutic change. I call this process, ‘Body Whispering’.

This therapy is for clients wishing to do ‘inner work’. Perhaps there are aspects to your being that you do not fully understand or are uneasy about and you wish to explore these. Perhaps you have ‘everything’ in life (the career, spouse, house, car, kids, financial security) but still experience a ‘dissatisfaction’. Perhaps you know what you want to ‘work on’ within yourself but have not found one single therapeutic strategy that has quite worked for you. Maybe you are looking to ‘de-clutter’ internally in order to free yourself up to do whatever your next challenge in life is. There are many individual reasons for embarking on this therapeutic strategy.

I will explain each stage in much greater detail before you commence sessions. I recommend an initial session to see if it is what you are looking for after which I contract for an additional five sessions. I have found that it takes about six sessions to make serious inroads into your inner life.

Should you wish to find out more about Body Whispering and how it may help you personally, please contact Gurcharan Singh.