The Health Pod

Alison Annison


I have a chequered career history from a brief stint in the forces a lifetime ago, to equine groom, postie, children’s outdoor activity instructor, drystane dyker and tipi builder. A lengthy past of sports (and some non sports) injuries piqued an interest in rehabilitation and pain reduction. I am qualified in Remedial and Sports massage as well as Swedish massage, manual lymphatic drainage and sports taping. Through an interest in pain and it’s impact, I have  also completed the Explain Pain course to deepen my understanding and address misunderstandings about tissue damage and pain. Experienced both in clinic and events massage, as well as work with sports teams I have an interest in health and fitness generally.

Motivated by the many questions asked about the whys and hows of the human body, I am studying for a Sport and Exercise degree, full time at Abertay University in Dundee. Upon completion I  intend to add Strength and Conditioning to the range of services on offer, not just for the sporty but also for those with persistent niggles or muscular issues from living life. I believe in a person centred perspective, not just focusing on the structure of the body but also on a persons individual experiences and how they affect the body.

In my free time, I  like to go rock climbing, running trails with Rockstar (the terrier), riding Scotland’s impressive roads on my motorbike, mountain biking and attempting to grow a variety of vegetables in my garden. I am also easily persuaded to go skiing, canoeing or any other kind of adventuring!